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Organized Chaos Napkin 12
black pen drawing on paper by Chet Childress (Adul Skoorc) ASOCNPK12



Napkin 12 of the 15 pieces Chet Childress, or better his alter ego Adul Skoorc, made and that have been featured at bastard store's Organized Chaos art/photo exhibit of Bryce Kanights and Chet Childress in Milano on January 10th, 2015.

Portland’s resident Chet Childress has a long skateboarding career and is one of those skaters that exemplify the skate everything attitude at the most ...or to use his own words: “You better live life before it lives you.”
His art comes out of the inspiration he gets skating new places and shouts out his opinion about the world in a straight and clear way.

Only one piece on stock, drawn with a black pen.


  • napkin paper, numbered on the back
  • part of a limited set of 15 hand drawings
  • dimensions: 4.7" x 4.7" (12 x 12 cm.)