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Toy Boarders

Toy Boarders - Snowboard
plastic toy snowboarders TBATSN1



Is a simple toy that let's kids use their imagination. Toy Soldiers have been around for years - why promote war when we can let kids have positive toys that promote action sports instead of violence - they get enough violence with todays video games.

Our roots are skate, surf, & snow so when we design each rider we use real moves that would be used by todays riders. Each rider is hand molded with attention to detail and style.

Any kid can enjoy these riders. They can make a snowpark out of anything around the house, take them wherever they go & use their imagination for hours of enjoyment. We are very proud of this first of many series. Stay tuned for more skate, surf & snowboard riders that are in the works.

8 different subject in a 24 pieces bag.


  • 8 different subject
  • 24 pieces bag


100% plastic