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43 magazine

43 magazine
may-oct 2014 - issue 004 43mag004



43 is an independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine dedicated to quality, photography, and arts.

It's the only skateboard magazine based in New York City.

43 is a forgotten name for the trick more commonly known as a frontside no-comply. This magazine is a 43 on the skateboard world, putting one foot down, turning it around, while continually moving forward. We’re presenting the essence of skateboarding by not complying with conventional guidelines and formulae.

The magazine is a square the size of a vinyl record cover. Vinyl is a traditional medium with a full and rich sound. This appreciation has seen a revival against the overuse of lower quality, digital mp3 audio.

This 004 issue was released on apr 15, 2014.

Front cover: Willy Akers -ollie- Manhattan, New York- by Zander Taketomo, 2013.

Back cover: Sylvester Eduardo – hardflip – Queens, New York, 2013 – by Allen Ying.

Interviews: Ryan Lay, Yonnie Cruz, Danilo Parra.

Skateboarders: Willy Akers, Raney Beres, Curren Caples, Gilbert Crocket, Yonnie Cruz, Al Davis, Sylvester Eduardo, Louie Lopez, Aaron ‘jaws’ Homoki, Ryan Lay, Jeremy Leabres, Ernie Torres, Jordan Trahan, Ishod Wair.

Photographers: Anthony Acosta, Bryan Derballa, Jonathan Mehring, Eric Palozzolo, Aaron Smith, Cameron Strand, Zander Taketomo, Xeno Tsarnas, Allen Ying.

Writers: Anthony G. Pappalardo, Adam Salo, Allen Ying.

Supporters: 5boro, Atlas, Huf, Polar, Traffic, Shut, Vans.


  • english
  • 10 3/8″ x 10 3/8″
  • 2,800 copies printed
  • 40 pages
  • printed in the US
  • offset, sheetfed, stochastic
  • new leaf imagination – a 100% post consumer waste uncoated paper
  • superior biolocity – vegetable based inks, soy-free, petroleum-free