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photographic book by Andrea Fazzolari 9788897677512



Indodreamers is an editorial project of reportage photography, which documents the life and tribal culture - what is pure that still remains - in Indonesia.

The images published in this book are the result of a six month stay in the Indonesian islands in which the photographer, Andrea Fazzolari, fully immersed himself into the local life to obtain a true account of the natural habitat and its inhabitants. Through his lens Fazzolari captures the life of the islanders and how they adapt to what the jungle, ocean and forests provide them to survive.

“Photography gives me the opportunity to express the inexpressible, and the chance to communicate what I experienced. I try to give a new horizon on things I constantly seek; like corners of the ocean where you can surf with the harmony of nature, away from commercial routes and the chaos that reigns in places where money has raped the land and sea to build temples of cement in place of those that for hundreds of years inspired the spirituality that prevailed in these islands.”

This project was made possible thanks to the participation as technical sponsor of Panasonic LUMIX and REEF who were supporters from the start.


  • Italian
  • 180 pages
  • hardcover
  • dimension 220 x 290 mm