UnderSkatement makes it to Italy for the first time after being around America, Canada and Australia touching over 30 cities. Milan got chosen as the first city in Europe to host the festival, so Diana thought about the bastard office, which was originally a cinema theatre.

The event is hosted by SpaghettoChild, an association whose aim is the development of contemporary art and of the skateboarding culture and JANUARY 29TH.

The festival offers short films with a maximum lenght of 7 minutes. As long as the pieces are made by skateboards, there are no constrictions in topic or genre whatsoever. 18 short films are going to show throughout the night, result of a selection from previous editions. Among authors and players there are known names of the international skate scene such as Mark Gonzales with his  "Cold Water", Steve Salisan with the very original "Bugs", Chris Johanson with "Encinitas Realization" and Trevor Prescott, Rubin Orkin and Curtis Hsiang, may they rest in peace.

Click here to download the media kit.

Infos and reservation: january.twenty.ninth@gmail.com