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Batik Dog Trunk
costume in cotone BSUBS060

64,00 €

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Swimshort  in fine cotton poplin with original batik stamp, cord regulation at waist and back pocket. This garment is dyed under the Bali sunlight to let the colors blend in. 

The hypnotizing dog's eyes on the labels certifies this product as part of the bastard Bali Collection: o.g. balinese designers and balinese manufacturing. Every piece is sold packaged in an hand made bamboo weaved box.

No time for basa basi.


  • 16" outseam
  • 40's cotton poplin
  • elastic waistband
  • side pockets
  • back pocket with snap button
  • sillkscreened tying cord closure
  • bastard Bali Collection, Made in Bali


100% cotton